Patient Privacy Policy

What Information Does SleepScope Collect About Me?

When you visit SleepScope, a division of Scope Healthcare Limited, we create a detailed record for you. This includes personal information such as your name, address, date of birth, emergency contact details, and general practitioner (GP) information. Additionally, we record the reason for your visit, the treatments you receive, and the advice given. Every visit to SleepScope results in the addition of new information to your record.

Purpose of Information Collection

The information collected at SleepScope is essential for providing you with top-notch care and for efficient management of our health services. Your medical history guides us in selecting safe and effective treatments for you and avoids unnecessary repetition of tests. To facilitate your care, we ask for accurate and comprehensive information from you.

Information Protection Measures

At SleepScope, your personal information is securely stored in medical records and within our password-protected computer system, accessible only to healthcare professionals involved in your care. We adhere to strict access policies and confidentiality agreements with our staff, ensuring your information is handled with confidentiality, respect, and care.

Should you visit another SleepScope facility, specific information may be shared with healthcare professionals there to ensure continuity and quality of care, as well as to avoid test duplications.

Disclosure of Your Healthcare Information

  • Your Local GP: We communicate with your GP or referring practitioner by sending reports and letters about your visits, medications, and any special instructions. Your GP may request additional information, which we provide based on your authorization on the patient registration form.
  • Other Hospitals or New Doctors: Hospitals or new doctors may request information about you for safe and effective treatment. We release personal information to assist with your care, subject to the appropriate Patient Information Request Form submission.
  • Relatives: We may provide general information about your condition to your next of kin or a close relative, unless you indicate otherwise.


Other Circumstances of Information Release

In certain cases, laws may require us to release personal information about you. This could include presenting your medical record in court or reporting to state and federal authorities. Additionally, you might be contacted about research studies, with your participation being entirely voluntary.

Accessing Your Information

For queries or clarifications about your care, your healthcare team is the best point of contact. Under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, you are entitled to request access to your medical records and personal information held by SleepScope. An administration fee may apply. If you find any inaccuracies in your record, you have the right to request corrections.

Privacy Complaints and Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about how your information is handled, please speak to a staff member. For a copy of our privacy policy or to make a privacy complaint, contact the SleepScope Practice Manager at 1800 202 111. If your concerns are not satisfactorily addressed, you may file a formal complaint with the Health Services Commissioner at (03) 8601 5225.